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Why installing an automatic door by Label in your store?


Supermarkets and shopping centers have automated access doors for decades to facilitate the entry and exit of their customers.

What are the benefits for a store that decides to install an automatic door by Label, or to automate the door already in use?

  • The customer is induced to enter because as soon as he approaches, the door opens and gives an affirmative answer to the question: “shall I enter or not?” that each person unconsciously asks himself before entering a store.
  • Entry and exit is facilitated if the person already has bags, or accompanies a child, or pushes a stroller, or suffers from motion impairments.
  • People do not have to touch the handle, and today more than ever, we realize the importance of avoiding whatever may be a factor in the transmission of viruses. People touch things, sneeze, cough, blow their nose… then they hold the handle of your store.
  • Automatic opening and closing prevents the doors from being ajar, avoiding air conditioning dispersion.
  • Automatic opening simplifies the work for employees who have to carry out a service: they are therefore also indicated for bars, outdoor dining areas, kitchens of restaurants…
  • The winter opening function reduces the size of the passage and consequently the amount of cold air entering.
  • Label automations are provided with a breakout option that allows installation even for passageways located along the escape routes.
  • Automations are available for sliding doors, swing doors, and space-saving doors; they can be installed quickly and with a very low investment.


Label automations and automatic doors ready for delivery.


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