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CITIC Tower in Hong Kong
with Neptis swing door Label!


Hong Kong with its 1223 skyscrapers, more than 7 million people concentrated in just over 1000 sq, is famous all over the world for unmistakable skyline and vertiginous vertical development.
Between futuristic technology, genius and claustrophobia, Hong Kong has been photographed in the 1950s and 1960s by photographer Ho Fan and more recently by Benn Lam and German Michael Wolf.

LABEL Spa signs CITIC Tower33 floors, 126 meters high and CITIC Ltd., headquarters, China’s largest conglomerate and a constituent of the Hang Seng Index.
Realizing the installation of 14 NeptisLET 120, automation for swing doors is provided with the most advanced hardware and software solution to ensure safety and reliability the building’s parking areas were communicated.

We are grateful to Keysystems Ltd and to all its team for perfect execution.

Citic Tower di Hong Kong con porta a battente Label

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