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Fru Haugans Hotel with Label Spa automatic entrances


Future and past meet at the Fru Haugans Hotel. Picturesque and charming, the oldest hotel in northern Norway, is located on the Vefsna riverside in Mosjøen and since 1794 it welcomes tourists and visitors from all over the world.

In recent years Fru Haugans has been the subject of a major renovation, to which LABEL Spa is proud to have contributed with two double-leaf sliding doors a Evolus 150capable of brilliantly controlling the stiff Norwegian temperatures thanks to heavy and powerful triple glasses, and more than 10 Neptis SLT, swing operators, reliable and easy to maintain, to automate all access doors to the stairwell.

The project was made possible by our distributor for Northern Norway, JEberg Hansen AS, a company founded in 1948 thanks to the ability of Jakob Eberg Hansen, father of the current President Jakob Hansen, and a true glassmaker, from which the brand

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