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Label meets its commitments


The battle against COVID-19 requires each of us to do his part with sacrifice and team spirit for the good of the community.
Some of us face this “enemy” every day in hospital wards, some must remain at home, and some carry out activities to enable everyone to benefit from primary goods.

The situation is difficult and for this reason the government has made available to the companies specific credit lines that can be activated quickly to meet cash requirements.

Label has chosen to support our country by paying suppliers and employees on agreed deadlines, as we have always done.
We believe this to be a fundamental choice in order to prevent delays in payments from causing the economy to stagnate further at such a difficult time.
Our President has made this ethical and entrepreneurial choice with courage and as effective support to those who have contributed to making our company an international company over the years.

We know that this is an important effort for Label, but we are convinced that it is essential to do everything possible to support the economy of Italy, which, even at this moment, is a nation of which to be proud.

If all companies commit to meeting their commitments on time, then economic recovery will be closer for everyone. Today more than ever before, are we called to be men and women who know how to face a challenge and want to do it! That is what has made the Italian industry famous worldwide.

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