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LABEL Spa opens the doors to the
top 5 trends at BAU 2017


BAU is the most important Fair of the construction industry in Europe, an event which connects the needs of specific sectors with international suppliers and buyers. On an exhibition floor of 185,000 square metres, 2,000 exhibitors, including LABEL Spa from 40 different countries have presented the evolution, innovation and the future of construction. New developments in the architecture, material and system field for commercial, industrial and residential construction and interior design solutions have attracted architects, civil engineers, builders and designers from all over the world.

As every big event, also BAU is a forge which generates trends ready to set the law in the construction market in the coming years.

In the door and window automation sector, there are 5 top trends under the spotlight, not only words on everyone’s lips, but rather models that will be established in the nearest future.
We talk to Gian Maria Agretti, LABEL Spa marketing director.

Looking for a more sustainable world, even at BAU the ENERGY SAVING became a hot topic: Is it still questionable: real opportunity or chimera?

“We are moving towards greater sustainability through the use of electronic systems characterised by more reduced consumption. One of the new developments which we introduced at BAU 2017 is the brushless motor designed and built by LABEL Spa Research and Development and Technical Department. This is a highly innovative system, which generates significant energy saving compared to a brushed motor, as well as benefits in terms of wear and tear, extending our products’ life. The brushless system was used for the ETERNA range, for sliding doors, and to the NEXT range, for swing doors. Another new product in the profile systems range is called LB46TT; a new thermal brake system that coupled to double glazing allows excellent performances in terms of thermal and sound insulation.

The second, a strong – and proper – orientation regards the SECURITY factor.

“Security is not a secondary element and at the BAU 207 we found a growing focus about it.  LABEL Spa R & D Department is on the way to study and implement solutions that will meet market needs”.

Innovation means also producing high quality products for ever more specific needs. As it can be easily to imagine the third trend is the SPECIALISATION.

“There are sensitive environments to which we address most of our know-how, which need special entrance doors, one in many is the Hospital industry. We are talking about operating rooms, clean rooms and intensive care units. Features such as hermetic, x-ray resistance, superficial finishing which allow complete disinfection, are crucial to the optimal functioning of these special environments. “

A fourth trend or a new challenge? Let’s talk about the DIGITAL DISRUPTION. Today almost all objects are connected, in the near future, all of them will be. In this case it is the consumer sector that will force the industry trend, to design between the new scenarios of automatic entrances and contamination with Industry 4.0.

How does Label Spa relate to the digital ecosystem?

“For us digital means above all adding value and comfort, rather than answering one simple market need. As a result of this point of view Label Spa has implemented the new T-NFC digital selector, a dedicated APP will allow to carry out the commissioning of the automation, adjust the operating parameters, access event memory, and save different settings on your mobile device. After completing the operations, the data will be downloaded into the memory of the automation control unit simply by bringing the device near to the T-NFC-keyboard”.

The top five trends observed at BAU 2017 ends with DESIGN, anticipating what will be the evolution of automatic indoor entrances targeted mostly in interior installations and private homes.

Revolution or new frontier?

Gian Maria Agretti “There is a very thin line, surely a new beginning. Automation has entered fully into our daily routine and the logic of our gestures. Inevitably it will become part of our private sphere therefore of our homes. The trend will be a progressive integration of the automation into the frame of doors and windows, combining design and performance. Technology innovation leads to aesthetic research: smaller sizes, elegant lines, attention to detail. The operators which well represent the answer to this need are NEXT 75 and ETERNA 75, the last light sliding door automation produced in Label. Renovated and extremely compact size, only 100 mm in height for a depth of 135 mm, with a capacity of up to 75 kg/each for double leaf and 100 kg for single leaf version designed and realized by Label Spa R & D and Technical Department”.

After BAU 2017 “Future is an open door” is not just a claim, but a vision.

“In LABEL Spa future means opening. Open to insight, perception and welcome all the suggestions, also the most embryonic ones, coming from the market and the desire to convert them into new technologies to anticipate concrete needs, innovating in terms of comfort, security and support”.


LABEL Spa in fiera a BAU 2017

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