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Label’s automatic doors welcome you to the Hotel Barion


Imagine the exact moment when you begin your holidays: you prepare your suitcases, leave for your dream destination, and finally enter the hotel. Label makes this moment special, welcoming you with the revolving doors Boom Edam.

An example is the revolving door model Tourniket installed as the main gate of Hotel Barion in Bari.

Having added the revolving doors Boom Edam to its already wide range of models, Label now has a complete offering of doors for the hospitality industry:
• Revolving doors Boon Edam;
• Swing or sliding doors, with brushless digital motor and programming via app;
• Fire doors Label Evolus TF, elegant and “invisible”, thanks to the glazed door suitable for use in environments with a high load of fire
• Automatic doors for escape routes with redundant or breakout systems


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