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Laminated glass with LCD film


Protect your privacy with a simple gesture


Clear or opaque glass? Now you no longer have to choose, because with Vèrio LCD glass by Flexlite, a simple gesture can protect your privacy in an environment.

Vèrio is an electrochromic, laminated LCD glass, which encloses a liquid crystal film, which allows the transformation, in a few milliseconds, of a transparent glass surface into a completely opaque one.



Thanks to Vèrio Privacy, you can completely darken the glazing to guarantee the privacy of the environment with the click of a switch.
LCD glass is particularly suitable for hospital environments, offices, meeting rooms, and private homes.

Vèrio Privacy is a stylish, extremely hygienic solution to eliminate the need for curtains and blinds.



Hospitals, offices, meeting rooms, hotels, bathrooms, private homes, yachts.




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