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Automations for simple seal hospital doors

EVH automatic hospital doors are designed to meet the most stringent application requirements. Their loading capacities of up to 360 kg make it possible to mount panels for radiology environments. EVH is equipped with specific safety systems to control the clear passage. All of the automations in the EVH series are to be used with LB-H series profile systems and panels in laminate and stainless steel.

Leaves for simple seal automatic doors can be made from HPL or stainless steel and can be fitted with lead shielding.

EVH: the perfect door for operating theatres, radiology labs and areas with controlled microclimates

Simple seal automatic sliding doors: freedom of movement, hygiene and a controlled microclimate are necessities in operating theatres. LABEL’s automatic “HOSPITAL” doors glide open and closed smoothly and quickly, but nonetheless ensure maximum user safety.

Label Hospital Door Systems are equipped with all of the panels and accessories that the latest technology can provide:

  • Laminates
  • Stainless steel
  • Anti-bacterial enamelled steel
  • Glass panels specifically designed to dampen noise

The telescopic wall frame system of the LB-H profiles was created to house special safety barriers, which ensure that the entire clear passage remains safe.

The LB-H panel’s Vision Panel  is coplanar with it. Vision Panels can be manufactured in different sizes and shapes, as well as with X-ray protection. Handles of different types and materials complete our range of panels.

The automatic version of the door can be supplemented with accessories:

  • handle
  • bump-strip
  • pulse devices and safety sensors (radar, infrared sensors).

The door moves horizontally and, when it is nearly closed, it comes to rest against the uprights and the transom of the frame, which extends out from the wall, guaranteeing, through the compression of special rubber sealing strips present on the two vertical sides and the top horizontal side of the door, an airtight seal.

The support carriages can bear and convey a maximum load of 300 kg per single-leaf door. The automation is moreover equipped with a specific type of software that is able to provide additional power when operating heavy doors.

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