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Label Eterna-T

The automation for telescopic sliding doors

ETERNA-T is the automation system for telescopic doors, designed to ensure maximum silence, motion smoothness, and reliability.

These automation systems are equipped with a brushless motor, with a 6-year warranty, for greater efficiency and a reduction in consumption.



ETERNA-T is easy to install and can be started quickly using the app LabelTool to load the parameters.

Using the app LabelTool there is a significant reduction in door commissioning and management time:

  • you can load a library of pre-compiled or previously used files to avoid having to load repetitive information;
  • you have total control by means of door reading and writing with detailed multilingual description;
  • Integrated library of programming files for commissioning or for loading operating parameters. Each file has several descriptive fields that you can fill in, and you need very little memory on your smartphone to store thousands of files.



The automatic doors ETERNA-T have passed tests featuring 1,500 cycles per day (with free passage opening = 1.400)  0.325 kWh per day with energy consumption in standby equal to 6 W.
It requires very little maintenance, and is able of operating at temperatures ranging from -15° to + 50° C and has an IP22 protection class rating.

The leaves can be manufactured using LABEL profiles or using third-party components.


ETERNA-T telescopic door models

  • Eternal 300 TSX opening to the left with 2 mobile leaves (maximum capacity for each leaf 150 Kg x 2)
  • Eternal 300 TDX opening to the right with 2 mobile leaves (maximum capacity for each leaf 150 Kg x 2)
  • Eterna 300 T with 4 mobile leaves (maximum capacity for each leaf 75 Kg x 4)


Watch this tutorial to see how you set-up an ETERNA operator.


ETERNA-T the ideal solution to automate the entrances of hotels, shops, public buildings, shopping centres and hospitals.


LABEL ETERNA-T, certifications and safety

Designed with the greatest possible attention to detail, with a double wheel carriage for greater leaf stability and a soundproofed sliding guide, the LABEL ETERNA automation system complies with European standards:
EN 16005; EN 13849-1; EN 13849 -2;EN 61000-6-2; EN 61000-6-3; EN 60335-2-103; DIN 18650-1; DIN 18650-2.

The advantages of ETERNA:

  • Greater energy efficiency
  • The absence of brushes which would cause wear means increased durability over time
  • Lower battery consumption and operating ability in the event of a power failure
  • Simple and functional automation

LabelTools App

Install the app LabelTools on your smartphone: with this app you can

  • set the operating parameters of the Label automatic doors in a few seconds
  • have always at your disposal a library to read and write the files to control and commission the Label automations for doors
  • reduce the time for door commissioning
  • quickly apply the parameters to multiple doors

LabelTools allows you to control the automatic doors Eterna and Next. Discover all the benefits of LabelTools and download the app from the site

T-NFC Digital Keypad

New compact (100 x 45 mm) digital keypad with elegant design. The keypad is directly linked to the automation control unit through an RS485 communication system. No.5 capacitive touch sensor buttons allow users to interact with the keypad, which is equipped with a highly intuitive graphic interface.

Eterna automazioni porte scorrevoli app label


Dimensions and Components


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User’s Manuals

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