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Label Revolus-T

When safety becomes telescopic. Redundant automation for telescopic systems

REVOLUS T is the automation system for telescopic doors recommended for entryways located along emergency escape routes.

Equipped with a dual brushless motor, guaranteed for 6 years, and the most advanced hardware and software solutions, the REVOLUS-T automation system ensures maximum reliability and safety.

Designed to be installed in emergency escape routes, REVOLUS-T automatic doors are extremely safe, reliable and easy to install.


REVOLUS-T has exceeded 1,000,000 cycles (4,000 cycles/day) in durability tests, in an environment with a temperature range of between -15° C and +50° C, and is certified at IP22 protection class. Its minutes.

The “redundant” system ensures that, should any part of the main automation system fail, the secondary system will take over to perform emergency opening of the automatic door, while the incorporated emergency battery ensures that the door will open in emergency mode within 5 seconds, in the event of a malfunction.


REVOLUS-T telescopic doors

  • REV-DTEL 4 movable leaves, with a load capacity up to 75 kg per leaf, and a clear opening width of 1600 ÷ 4000 mm
  • REV-TELSX/DX 2 movable leaves, with a load capacity up to 150 kg per leaf, and a clear opening width of 800 ÷ 4000 mm


LABEL REVOLUS-T, certifications and safety

The REVOLUS automation system complies with the Machinery Directive: 2006/42 EC; the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive: EMC 2014/30/EU; Low Voltage Directive: LVD 2014/35/EU, and has obtained TÜV SÜD Quality Certification(Certificate number G623).

The REVOLUS-T automation system is equipped with a double brushless motor housed in a single casing, making it more reliable than a system with two separate motors.The control unit is equipped with a switching power supply, with a double independent power circuit for motor piloting and with two constantly synchronised microprocessors to manage the inputs and outputs in complete safety.


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