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Hospital doors


Manual simple sealing glazed swing door


This range of simple sealing manual swing doors offers a wide choice of solutions thanks to the numerous options, such as the transformation kit for pull or push servo-assisted swing door, the special handles, the types of glazing, the blinds…

  • H-BMV1 – Single-leaf manual swing door for opening up to 1,200 mm
  • H-BMV2 – Manual swing door with 2 asymmetrical leaves, opening up to 2,000 mm (“Master” leaf max. width = 1,200 mm; “slave” leaf minimum width = 300 mm)



The seal is ensured by expanded EPDM gaskets mounted on the aluminium profiles that cover three sides of the leaf perimeter. A rigid-bristle brush is installed on the bottom edge and an hermetic seal kit is available on request.




The standard supply includes:

  • Leaf complete with profiles,
  • glazing,
  • dedicated seals and hinges,
  • lever handle,
  • lock and European cylinder



  • Special handles on request
  • Bump bands
  • Kit for servo-assisted door with automation NEXT75B + accessories, for indoor use and within the limitations of the product sheet



Operating rooms, surgeries, laboratories, emergency rooms, observation rooms, intensive care units, aseptic environments (with high bacteriological-virological protection).


Dimensions and Components


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