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Hospital doors


Hermetically sealing manual sliding door with stainless steel panel

The hermetically sealing door H-SMITE1 features manual opening and can be supplemented with the following accessories: vision panel, handle, bump band.

The door moves horizontally and, when it is nearly closed, the special upper guide enables the lowering and translation of the door towards the wall and the floor, thereby ensuring the hermetic seal by means of the compression of special rubber gaskets on all four sides of the door.

The support trolleys can bear and move a maximum load of 150 kg.

The design enables an easy sanitation of the hospital door H-SMITE1, simplifying the cleaning procedures needed in the healthcare environment.


Radiology doors

The door can also be supplied with 1, 2, 3 or 4 mm thick lead plate for protection from X-rays. The realization of some models depends on the weight that the door can reach when the lead plate is inserted into it.

Slideway transom

  • 125-mm transom, aluminium cover accessible for inspection and ABS side panels
  • Aluminium alloy covering unit, 135x180H mm, with no screws visible on the front view
  • Maximum load capacity of 150 kg
  • Aluminium alloy slideway rail mounted on a sound-dampening polyzene guide
  • The movement is driven by an antistatic rubber timing belt with Kevlar sides.
  • Trolleys with anti-derailment device


The standard supply includes:

  • Leaf panel complete with dedicated frames and gaskets
  • Aluminium covering unit in HPL version



  • Vision panels
  • Bump bands



Operating rooms, laboratories, X-ray rooms, intensive care units, aseptic environments (with high bacteriological-virological protection)


Dimensions and Components


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