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Hospital doors


Automatic hermetically sealing glazed sliding door


HB-SAVTE1 is the automatic glazed door by Label which, in the closing movement, lowers and translates the leaf so that the door approaches the wall and the floor, thus ensuring the hermetic seal by the compression of special rubber gaskets on the four sides of the door. The opening and closing movement is managed by a specific software that performs power and speed control.

An automation featuring a brushless motor ensures high reliability over time and significantly reduced consumptions.

Air permeability test no. 278814.

Various options are available to customize the product to fully meet specifications and customer requirements.



Door control parameters can be quickly entered and updated using the LabelTools app.



  • Automation on 125 mm transom, aluminium cover accessible for inspection, ABS side caps.
  • Aluminium alloy covering unit, 135x180H mm, with no screws visible on the front view
  • Fastened on a load-bearing structure with an aluminium alloy slideway rail mounted on a sound-dampening polyzene guide
  • BRUSHLESS motor, reversible gearbox
  • The movement is driven by an antistatic rubber timing belt with Kevlar sides.
  • Trolleys with anti-derailment device.
  • Control unit with self-learning microprocessor and automatic management of safety procedures (anti-crushing, direction reversal, low-speed safety movement)


The standard supply includes:

  • ETH/E automation
  • Leaf complete with dedicated profiles, glazing, and gaskets
  • Aluminium covering unit, raw-aluminium version
  • Digital selector
  • Safety sensors (Qty. 2)




  • Handles (standard and lifting)
  • Blinds
  • Bump bands
  • Pulse devices
  • Opening safety sensors
  • Different types of glass
  • Opaque/transparent LCD glass





Operating rooms, laboratories, observation rooms, intensive care, aseptic environments (with high bacteriological-virological protection).


Dimensions and Components



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