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Hospital doors


Simple sealing automatic telescopic sliding door in stainless steel

The hospital doors HB-TAITS2 are simple sealing telescopic automatic doors in stainless steel for openings up to 2,000 mm, actuated by operators with brushless motor (guaranteed 6 years) which ensures a significant energy saving and a longer life.


Door control parameters can be quickly entered and updated using the LabelTools app.



  • Automation on 78 mm transom, aluminium cover accessible for inspection, ABS side caps
  • Aluminium alloy covering unit, 210x120H mm, with release and support articulation
  • Automation for one or two sliding leaves
  • Maximum load capacity of 400 kg for a double-leaf door or 300 kg for a single-leaf door
  • Maximum automation length: 6,500 mm.
  • Aluminium alloy slideway rail mounted on a sound-dampening rubber gasket
  • BRUSHLESS motor, reversible gearbox.
  • The movement is driven by an antistatic rubber timing belt with Kevlar sides.
  • Double-wheel trolleys with anti-derailment device
  • Control unit with self-learning microprocessor and automatic management of safety procedures (anti-crushing, direction reversal, low-speed safety movement)



The standard supply includes:

  • ETH/T automation with BRUSHLESS motor
  • Leaf panel complete with dedicated frames and gaskets
  • Aluminium covering unit, raw-aluminium version
  • Digital selector
  • Safety sensors (Qty. 2)



  • Vision panels
  • Handles
  • Bump bands
  • Pulse devices
  • Opening safety sensors



Operating rooms, surgeries, laboratories, emergency rooms, X-ray rooms, intensive care, aseptic environments (with high bacteriological-virological protection)


Dimensions and Components


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