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Hospital doors


Hospital doors for intensive and sub-intensive care units

The doors ICU/CCU by Label for intensive care units and triage are glazed sliding doors, either automatic or manual, with inward breakout opening (on request with outward opening):

  • the sliding opening step (either automatic or manual) allows a partial opening of the passage sufficient to the transit of the health care staff;
  • the inward breakout opening phase allows using the entire door passage to facilitate movement of bedridden patients and equipment;
  • they have no floor guide so as to avoid sudden motions of the patient when the threshold is crossed.



The systems of ICU/CCU automatic doors for intensive care and sub-intensive care units by label are glazed to allow staff to monitor patients constantly; optional LCD glazing, becoming opaque, allows the user to choose the level of privacy to be provided to the environment.


Pressure sealing

These ICU/CCU doors provide standard sealing for positive or negative pressure.



The doors for intensive care units can be equipped with a wide range of accessories: contactless buttons, elbow buttons, handles, sensors, Smart-glass.


Intended use

  • Triage – emergency rooms
  • Short-stay observation unit
  • Intensive and sub-intensive care units
  • Traumatology


Support for professionals

Label experts are on hand to help you defining the specifications and configuring the hospital door to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.


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