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Ready for delivery Label automations featuring contactless opening: perfect also for automating already installed doors


In addition to facilitating pedestrian flow, automatic doors play an important prevention role, because they prevent thousands of people from touching the same handle.
This need is felt globally. In fact, the number of designers and clients who choose to use doors featuring automatic opening is constantly growing, also for hygienic reasons and not only to provide a service to their customers.

In order to assess whether or not to automate a passageway, it is no longer a priority to consider the number of users, but rather how much attention is to be paid to the health of the users. And it is precisely for hygienic reasons that today more and more companies choose to equip the doors of the bathrooms, as well as those of the offices, with automations featuring contactless opening that allow the door to be opened without contact between the hand and the handle or the opening button.

Next75 is the automation for swing doors by Label easy to mount even on doors already installed. Compact and equipped with brushless motor, this automation has a minimum footprint (60H x 74W x 420L) making it perfect whatever the design of your environment.

The Label automations range is ready for delivery to meet all the requests of customers who today want to provide a service to their users by automating the doors of shops, offices, polyclinics and health care facilities.

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