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Architecture and Label automatic doors: a winning symbiosis

Can automatic doors be a design element within an architectural design?
The answer is provided by “The Cube”, a hotel in Fidenza (PR) in which the Label automatic doors enhance the modern elegance of this building, which is distinguished by the elegance of its rigorous yet welcoming shapes.

The building features a central area throughout its height in which the light enters and varies throughout the day.
The elegant design of the whole welcomes the guest with technological solutions that make the stay even more pleasant: important details that make the difference, such as the doors REVOLUS 150 with profiles in LB50 and double glazing, for maximum thermal and acoustic comfort, used both in the main body and in the annex.

The automation for automatic doors Revolus 150, with its redundant system, is the ideal solution to be installed on escape routes as it complies with the standard EN 16005.

Thanks to Carmine Ferrara, Label Area Manager for North West Italy, and Nicola Menta, owner of ARDALUCE, for making this impeccable realization possible.

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