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Automatic doors for Cantine Ferrari

Never underestimate the importance of automatic doors and the contribution they give to the first impression of a visiting customer: they are the first gesture of welcome of a company toward its guests. It is therefore important that an automatic door is elegant, silent, with a smooth slow, neither slow nor too fast.

To welcome the visitors, Cantine Ferrari have chosen Label and the automation for sliding doors EVOLUS 150. Ferrari is a brand known all over the world for the excellence of its sparkling wines and extends this continuous search for quality to the whole production process.

A Ferrari bottle is an experience of taste and perfumes, a perfect balance of elegance and nuances. The company was able to bring this philosophy also to the architecture of the buildings, so that a visit to Cantine Ferrari is, for the guests, a continuation (or a prelude) to the beautiful taste of its sparkling wines and wines.


A big thank you to Loris Tavernini and Gianni Orben from A.S. Elettronica and Nicola Cesarotto, North East Italy Area Manager of Label as well as passionate enologist, for the excellent work done.

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