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Automatic doors for historic shops

The automatic door with Eterna 90 automation and bronze LB35 profiles has made it possible to equip the Wender pastry shop with an automatic door respecting the architecture of a historic shop dating back to 1929.

The lightness and elegance of the LB35 profile is enhanced by the bronze effect of the finish, perfectly matching the shop environment.
The choice to provide the entrance of the shops with an automatic opening system by Label has several advantages:

  • it is a tangible action related to health because it avoids contact of multiple people with the door handle;
  • a service is provided to the customer, who can access comfortably even in case of mobility difficulties, or if his/her hands are engaged by a stroller or shopping bags;
  • the various seasonal opening programs prevent thermal dispersion both in summer and winter.

Label profiles and automations are an excellent solution in the recovery of historical buildings where combining modern solutions with period styles is the key to the success of an entire project.
This is demonstrated by the intervention made at the historic and beautiful Wender Pastry Shop, in Lovere (BG) on Lake Iseo, whose pastry workshop dates back to 1929.

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