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Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok)

For Don Mueang Airpor Label Spa installs 36 Evolus 90 sliding doors with LB50 window and breakout anti-panic system, recognized by AOT (Thai airport).

The fitting of the first door was used as training on the job with the assistance of Lara Colla, Sales Area Manager ASEAN; Andrea Agnetti, Technical Manager Profile Systems; John Gallerani, engineer of Label Ingressi srl, who produced the windows.

Subsequently the training was completed at the TGD Automatic Doors Co. Ltd.

Don Mueang Airport is located in the north of Bangkok and serves as a hub for low cost airlines flying to all major cities in Thailand and neighboring countries such as China, Cambodia, Laos and Malaysia.

Don Mueang Airport has 3 terminals: Terminal 1 for international flights, Terminal 2, inaugurated in December 2015, for domestic flights and Terminal 3 for cargo.

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