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Label automations open the doors of Brico Center in Milazzo

Brico Center in Milazzo has chosen LABEL automatic doors to enhance the visitors’ entrance to its retail store because they meet all the requirements:

  • reliability even with a high number of opening/closing cycles
  • sturdiness: customers leave the store with shopping carts that are often loaded with bulky or heavy material
  • breakout system for escape routes
  • custom colour
  • low operating costs
  • fast service

To meet all these requirements, Label has installed the Eterna door automation with brushless motor, which actuates a door with LB50 profiles.

Eterna is an extremely silent automation, which guarantees a smooth motion. Its low power consumption and its ability to withstand stress make it perfect in environments with many opening/closing cycles.

The door has been realized with LB50 profile, featuring custom red painting and integral break-out system. LB50 is a sturdy profile system, excellent for doors that have to handle high pedestrian flows and withstand the transit of bulky carts.

Label is establishing itself as an access provider for large brands around the world, and this confirms that our mission statement “Product quality and Service quality” is a winning proposition.

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