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Label hospital door technology at the service of the ISBER Private Clinic

Being chosen as suppliers of hospital doors for a leading clinic, such as the ISBER centre in Varese, is a great recognition that confirms once again how the efforts made to create a complete range of high quality hospital doors have led the Label line to be extremely performant and competitive.

4 automatic Label doors have been installed in the brand new clinic:

  • a HB-SALTE1 with 1500 mm leaf and a HB-SALTE1 with 1400mm leaf. These doors feature hermetic seal, they are easy to sanitize, and require minimal maintenance, thanks to the brushless motor and the high quality materials;
  • 2 simple sealing HB-SALTS2 doors, with 1900 mm double leaf and HPL finish, provided as well with brushless motor.

The HPL finish of the Label hospital doors allows to choose from 125 standard colours and can be completed with a wide range of accessories such as bands, vision panels, and pushbars.

The new ISBER clinic consists of two blocks: the head office housing two new operating rooms, the hospital rooms, and the polyclinics. The other block hosts the physiotherapy centre. An ancient structure that in the past was the house of the Ancelle of San Giuseppe in Biume.

Outside, a 18th century building, inside, a lot of technology, thanks also to the Label automatic doors and to the design realized by CASALUCI.

Thanks to Flavio and Valerio Casaluci for the flawless realization.

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