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New Alba-Bra Hospital: interior design and technology for a state-of-the-art hospital

Label is proud to have been chosen for the supply of Hospital automations and doors for the new Alba-Bra Hospital.

The hospital doors and automations by Label have been used to facilitate access to operating rooms, intensive care units, laboratories, and clean rooms.

This hospital has been realized aiming at eco-sustainability and energy saving, also through well‑defined objectives:

  • increase of the thermal resistance of the walls;
  • use of recycled, eco-sustainable, insulating materials;
  • lower CO2 and fine dust emissions;
  • photovoltaic technology for the production of electricity;
  • recovery of rainwater;
  • selection of materials with optimal performance in terms of durability and maintainability.


Label automations with brushless motor fully satisfy the customer’s need for materials with optimal energy performance and low maintenance. These automations feature reduced consumption, guarantee a very high number of opening/closing cycles, require reduced maintenance and have a set of accessories specific for the different hospital environments.


Label products used: hospital sliding doors HB-SALTS1 with automations EVH and swing doors H‑BAL1 with automations Neptis SLT.


Hospital doors with specific characteristics have been used depending on the hospital units:

  • opening controlled by touch sensor (touchless);
  • tight seal or simple seal;
  • laminated panelling with customized graphics and different colouring for the different units;
  • in the operating rooms, doors with integrated flush vision panel


We thank for the confidence placed in us:

– Flavio Casaluci, CEO of Casaluci Healthcare who took care of the realization

– Stefano Ravaioli of Graflex srl who was awarded the maintenance contract.


Tour of the hospital:

360° virtual tour of the operating room

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