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We are the manufacturing company that supplied the hospital doors to the first hospital in Romania nominated for the RCP Excellence in Patient Care Awards. The Clinical Hospital “Dott. CI Parhon” in Iași is the only medical unit in Romania to be selected by this famous professional association of British physicians. A success achieved because the city wanted to invest in this hospital, choosing cutting-edge products capable of meeting very high standards.

The quality of Label‘s hospital doors was recognised by the purchasers, who chose our products to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

In total, we installed 12 swing and sliding doors, hermetic and simple sealing.


More specifically, we installed:

– 5 hermetically sealed automatic sliding doors with HPL panel HB-SALTE1 

– 3 simple sealing manual swing doors with HPL panel  H-BML1 

– 2 simple sealing automatic sliding doors with HPL panel  HB-SALTS1 

– 2 manual swing doors, with two simple sealing leaves and HPL panel  H-BML2 


A huge success, achieved even thanks to the excellent work of the great Dacorum Group team and of the General Manager Mihai Pintilie.


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