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Who We Are

LABEL S.p.a.
Via Ilariuzzi, 17/A – Loc. San Pancrazio 43126 PARMA – Italy
Tel: +39 0521 6752 – Fax: +39 0521 675222
Email: – –

Across the world we open doors for you

We are a 100% Italian company with over 40 years of experience in the field of door automations.

Here at LABEL, we believe that the purpose of technology is to simplify people’s lives, and we have chosen to use it to open and close doors for you, creating intelligent access automation systems, which today can be found throughout the world.


Via Enrico Fermi, 4 – Fraz. Castelguelfo – 43010 Fontevivo (PR) – Italy
Tel: +39 0521 617504 – Fax: +39 0521 617370

LABEL INGRESSI Srl is our production division that realizes your full door, from design to installation, from personalization to final testing. It’s an ideal service that will let you get the most from an automatic door. This is the perfect choice especially in areas such as hospitals where quality, precision, speed and reliability are the minimum requirements.


LABEL UK Limited
Stourbridge Road Industrial -Estate Faraday Drive – Bridgnorth Shropshire – England WV15 5BA
Tel: +44 01746 768227 – Fax: +44 01746 767565

Label UK Automatic Door Solutions Ltd., based in Bridgnorth, is the reference company for installers of automatic doors and designers of hospitals, hotels, public spaces, offices, retail outlets, and private homes.
Owned by the Italian parent company Label Spa, it has a highly specialized staff.


More than just an automatic door

What does “simplifying life” mean to us?

  • SAFETY: regulating and facilitating the flow of people going in and out
  • CONVENIENCE: automatic doors for offices, public spaces, stores, hospitals, and anywhere else where it is ideal not to have to touch a handle
  • PREVENTION: sliding and swing doors that open and close automatically for all environments where it is important avoiding contact with handles for hygienic reasons, to reduce the risk of injury or to ease the transit
  • RESPECT: reducing the number of architectural barriers for people with mobility issues and for the elderly

We want to be certain that we are giving you a product of the highest quality. That is why:

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