CITIC Tower in Hong Kong
with Neptis swing door Label!

5 October 2017

Hong Kong with its 1223 skyscrapers, more than 7 million people concentrated in just over 1000 sq, is famous all over the world for unmistakable skyline and vertiginous vertical development. Between futuristic technology, genius and claustrophobia, Hong Kong has been photographed in the 1950s and 1960s by photographer Ho Fan and more recently by Benn […]

Label Spa installa porta Evolus 90

Labyrinth of the Masone, with sliding door Label Spa!

25 September 2017

Over seven hectares of land between crossroads and blind alleys, 200,000 bamboo plants of twenty different species, an enchanting three-kilometer journey to get lost, fantasize and find yourself. It is the Labirinto della Masone, the largest in the world and is located in Italy, near Parma The idea and the project are of Franco Maria […]

Filippo Del Ponte Hospital of Varese with Label Spa automatic entrancese

Filippo Del Ponte Hospital of Varese, Label automatic entrances!

19 September 2017

Filippo Del Ponte Hospital of Varese, a star was born! Recently inaugurated, the hospital structure is already in the hall of fame of Lombard pediatric centers of reference. LABEL Spa signs the automatic entrances of new health excellence with the product range called Hospital, sliding and fully glazed doors with the profile system of the series […]

Fru Haugans Hotel with Label Spa automatic entrances

3 August 2017

Future and past meet at the Fru Haugans Hotel. Picturesque and charming, the oldest hotel in northern Norway, is located on the Vefsna riverside in Mosjøen and since 1794 it welcomes tourists and visitors from all over the world. In recent years Fru Haugans has been the subject of a major renovation, to which LABEL Spa […]

August is an open door

7 July 2017

August is an open door. Being present is a value, being present means doing. Send us your orders, you will receive our products regularly. #labelspa #futureisanopendoor #augustisanopendoor #sendyourorders  

Label's automatic doors in Reggio Emilia Mediopadana train station

LABEL Spa rides the wave of Reggio Emilia Mediopadana Station with Neptis and Evolus

25 May 2017

White steel wave-shaped curves just like the sea foam dancing gracefully and majestically in the name of the most futuristic design in the heart of the Italian Po Valley. We talk about the high-speed Reggio Emilia Mediopadana train Station, designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava, a visionary genius who managed to sublimate the landscape with […]

LABEL Spa at BAU 2017

LABEL Spa opens the doors to the
top 5 trends at BAU 2017

18 May 2017

BAU is the most important Fair of the construction industry in Europe, an event which connects the needs of specific sectors with international suppliers and buyers. On an exhibition floor of 185,000 square metres, 2,000 exhibitors, including LABEL Spa from 40 different countries have presented the evolution, innovation and the future of construction. New developments […]

Thermal break profiles

12 May 2017

LB46TT is the new thermal break profile system of LABEL Spa for automatic doors, born from the collaboration with Citec Portes Automatiques, exclusive distributor of Label products in France. LB46TT is the answer to the ever-increasing demand for better energy performance in all building sector elements. DL no. 311/2006, Italy, RT2012 in France, and Energy […]

Basilica Santo Stefano di Budapest con installazione Label Spa

Installation of LABEL Spa in the St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest

5 May 2017

When neoclassical architecture and new technologies are integrated. It happens in Budapest, where LABEL Spa signs the side entrance of the St. Stephen’s Basilica, Szent István-bazilika, the imposing cathedral designed in 1850 which dominates the heart of Pest with its 96 metres of height. After 54 years of work it was completed in 1905, the […]

Youth Square Hong Kong
14 automatic entrances LABEL Spa

24 April 2017

In the heart of Hong Kong, the vertical city with futuristic architecture and Feng Shui soul, appears the Youth Square, a forge dedicated to the development of youth activities, a new talent and start-up incubator. Already a full iconic place, Youth Square chooses LABEL Spa automations and di Keysystems Ltd. fantastic team, our distributor in […]

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