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Label spa is on the #Sakta corner, the first store which is fully specialized on products and services for people with disability and it has been opened in Stockholm. Opening a store on the unquestionable welfare capital is an honor to us, as well as following our vision, which is why there are already two new openings scheduled in Gothenburg and Malmo.  The project’s name is “Bo kvar hemma”, which means “like home”.
We are proud and thankful to AET – Avancerad Entréteknik, our supplier in Sweden, for this great initiative.

It is possible to see NEPTIS and NEXT products exposed, both automation systems for hinged door are designed for a high-frequency of use.

Label NEXT, with only 6 (H) x 7,4 (W) x 42 (L) cm, is also designed to break all the architectonic barriers at the office and home, automatizing hinged doors which are often a handicap to people with disability. The control through the APP makes the installation quite easy and fast.

Label NEPTIS is the hinged door which adapts to all kind of needs, also available in one or two leaves with special functions for disability.



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