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Label is the exclusive distributor of Boon Edam products in Italy and the Republic of San Marino


Label S.p.A is pleased to announce that from 1st August 2018, Label will become the exclusive distributor, in Italy and the Republic of San Marino, of Boon Edam products, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of revolving doors, access control systems and security gates.

Boon Edam was founded by Gerrit Boon in 1873 as a humble carpentry business in Amsterdam, where he manufactured his first revolving door in 1903. Three generations of the Boon family carried the business forward until it was taken over by the current owners, the Huber family, in the 1940s. The company was moved to the city Edam where the headquarters stands today, led by the CEO Niels Huber. Today, the company is present in 55 countries, 18 of which have a subsidiary or directly controlled offices, and manufactures thousands of revolving doors annually.

Label S.p.A. started in Parma, in 1980, as a simple electronics workshop founded by Bruno Baron Toaldo, Augusto Morini and Claudio Da Re. The company produced its first automatic door in 1994, and since that time has grown continuously, both in Italy and abroad, and is now present in 56 countries. It manufactures approximately 25,000 automatic doors annually, including swing door and sliding door systems, along with a complete range of accessories.

We, at Label, feel that our history, our culture and our values are extraordinarily similar to those of Boon Edam: close attention to its people, passion for their work, and technical excellence without compromise are the forces that drive the strategy of both companies, and it therefore seemed natural for us to become the exclusive distributors in Italy. The synergy between the Label and Boon Edam brands in Italy, will allows us to access important projects by offering a range of highly comprehensive access solutions, ranging from automatic sliding, swing and revolving doors, to the most complex access control systems and security doors and portals.

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