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40 years of experience in the automations for doors


It may seem strange to celebrate 40 years in the era of start-ups, but the reason of our success can be found in our ability to put innovation at the service of usability, in wishing to be always ready to support designers and installers in every phase of their work with our technical team.

We are proud to know that we open the doors to those who visit Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, or those who want to reach distant destinations from the Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok, or take the train in the spectacular station designed by Santiago Calatrava in Reggio Emilia.
We are proud to ensure the sealing of state-of-the-art operating theaters of facilities such as Sengkang General Hospital in Singapore, to ensure the functionality of new wards of the Hospital San Bortolo in Vicenza, to provide accesses that harmonize with historical architectures such as the St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest, to let you access hotels around the world, to open your access in the most innovative buildings like The Shard in London and to make you sail on ultramodern yachts, such as Hatteras 70 and 90.

Celebrating these 40 years in business, which took the Label brand to 56 countries all over the world, for us means above all celebrating and thanking each one of you: design studies, distributors, resellers and installers that each day choose our products to realize your projects and ensure the success of your work. Thank you!

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