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Automatic doors for historic buildings

Label automatic doors are one of the key factors in equipping historic buildings with the modern conveniences needed today in hotel facilities, museums, and villas used for convention events…

The profile and door system by Label allows having the right door for each environment:

  • frameless for those who want an invisible design that doesn’t alter the perception of spaces.
  • with essential profiles for minimal or rigorous locations,
  • with more important profiles and colours on request for environments requiring a well-defined access frame

Grand Hotel Baglioni in Florence represents an important example of how to add automatic doors to a prestigious historical context.

The building, located in the centre of Florence, was built in the second half of the 19th century by Prince Carrega of Lucedio and became a hotel at the beginning of the 20th century.

In order to maintain the four-star classification, the owners work incessantly to offer their guests the most modern comforts.
With the excellent support of FINCHIUSURE and the expert guidance of Mr. Massimiliano Miri, the environments have been enhanced by the installation of automatic telescopic doors ET300T with frameless LBFL Plus profile.

It is always a pride for us at Label to see our automatic doors in such prestigious historical locations.

Our compliments and thanks to FINCHIUSURE and Massimiliano Miri

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